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Announcing the launch of BusinessResale!  Have a look at our new site - www.businessresale.co.uk  We have created a website that does exactly what it says on the tin, or URL!  With TaylorMayers forging ahead in the franchise resale se more ¬ª
We've been busy in the Franchise Resale sector!  Property franchises have proved very popular with our buyers, and we have been successful in helping buyers to acquire valuable Belvoir, Northwood and Martin Co businesses.  If you're thinkin more ¬ª
As news of our success spreads, we have added to the team, and to the product set!  Shewley Begum joined us earlier this year.  Coming from a corporate banking background, her role will be to develop the business planning and finance servic more ¬ª
As competition in the sales and lettings sector continues, many agencies are looking to expand via acquisition.  So, instead of spending thousands per month on marketing campaigns that may, or may not, result in new clients, owners are looking t more ¬ª

Selling Your Business

We adopt a three-stage approach to helping you realise the value of your business.


Firstly, we’ll work with you to ensure the market price is reasonable and achievable.  We’ll need an idea of your turnover, gross and net profits, asset value, any property value associated with the sale, etc.  We have a good handle of what businesses are achieving in the marketplace and we’ll work with you to ensure the offer price is not too high so as to scare off potential buyers, but not so low that we have buyers beating down your door.


Secondly, we’ll find a buyer.  There are buyers out there for all types of business at every price level.  Our job is to find them, qualify them, and help them through the purchase process.


Thirdly, we need to see the sale through to completion and we work hard to ensure your buyer does not fall by the wayside.  The due diligence process can be exhausting, detailed and painstaking.  Your buyers will want to ensure there are no skeletons lurking in your cupboards and will usually have lawyers and accountants working on their behalf.  We’ll be working hard to keep the process on track and minimise the impact on you.  After all, you’ll still be running your empire whilst we are working in the background to help you achieve the sale.

Finally, we offer the reassurance that we’ve been in your shoes!  We’ve bought, managed and sold businesses so we are well-placed to help both your buyer and you through the journey.